[IGS] Let's start talking!

This was submitted by Robin Parer, a Board member of the IGS (International
Geranium Society):  We only have about 15 on board right now.  Please take a
look and see if this would be a good opening statement in the welcome letter
people receive after joining the igsrobin.

"Although  Geraniums  (pelargoniums) are among the most popular bedding plants
sold in the United States, the Geranium family is so large, complex and
interesting that many questions arise about appropriate selections of plants,
culture, and sources.  The IGS Round Robin has a panel of experts, all willing
to answer questions on geraniums, pelargoniums, erodiums, sarcocolons, and
monsonias.  No matter what your interest, we can help you, or direct you to
someone who can.

Topics to be discussed include:

Over-wintering of geraniums (pelargoniums)

Sources  for hard to find species and hybrids

Common pests and diseases in the Geranium family; prevention and treatment

Uses for scented-leaf geraniums (pelargoniums)

Appropriate geraniums (pelargoniums) for window boxes

Deer resistant plants in the Geranium family

Feeding and care of geraniums (pelargoniums); when to water and when not to
water - some principals

Cold-hardy/heat tolerant pelargoniums, hardy geraniums and erodiums

Fertilizing: when, what and how

How to propagate various members of the geranium family

You have a great collection of geraniums/pelargoniums/erodiums, how do you add
to and preserve your collection?"

If you have additional topics to suggest adding to this list, please email me at

In the meantime, if you know of a place to advertise this robin, please feel
free to submit the information.  It takes time to get known!!!!  I'm still
learning how to be a listowner so please don't get impatient if there are a few
problems along the way.  This was a major step for me and the learning curve
seems a bit steep.  By the way, be sure to check out the IGS webpage:
http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/2822/index.html  We've added some tip sheets
used by one of the branches of IGS in CA.  Cy Baucke and I tried to make them
applicable around the world rather than just in the "warm" climates.

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