[IGS] last week's mail - help

Hello, everyone! Last week - while on a short vacation- I accessed my
e-mail from a cyberbar.  the instructions said that if I did not delete
the message that it still be in my e-mail when I returned. WRONG!!!  I
know there was at least one IGSrobin message.  Is there someone who, like
me, saves robin mail that can forward a copy?  Thanks in advance.

Snohomish, WA
PS Probably frost here tonight, brought all Pelargonums into the
greenhouse - along with the slugs and other bugs.  I can bait for the
slugs.  I am interested in what methods others use to get rid of the
other pesties I may have let in to the greenhouse -aphids, whitefly,
mites, etc., (I hope not too many etc.'s).  I did check the plants, but
it only takes one little bug....

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