Re: [IGS] white form or Pelargonium incanum?

Hi there, Sean,
I just read your note on this subject.  Firstly, I think that you mean
Geranium, not Pelargonium incanum.  Certainly, it is a Geranium that meets
your description.  Secondly, there are at least two different clones of the
white form in circulation.  One is definitely a poor plant, with small,
poorly coloured (if you can say that about white!) flowers.  The other has
larger, fully white flowers and is far superior.  I have grown both and I
think that I still have both.  However, they flower in the spring here, so
I am not sure today.
I am pretty sure that the better form of the two came from Rachel Saunders
at Silverhill, e-mail:  You should get her catalogue
anyway, its just about the best on earth.
Alternatively, you could try Robin Parer at the Geraniaceae Nursery:  She's only up the road from you at 122 Hillcrest
Avenue, Kentfield.

Best Regards,
David Victor

Saxifragaceae, Geraniaceae, Arisaema, Cape bulbs, Paeonia, Salvias, Irids
and anything else that is beautiful

Hockliffe, Bedfordshire, England, UK
Zone 7

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