[IGS] Introduction

Hi all, my name is Phil Bunch.  I grow a lot of succulents and am
interested in learning about the Geraniaceae and including species of
appropriate genera in my collection.  My interest is not limited to the
succulent and tuberous members of the family.  I also am interested in
xerophytic species adapted to growing in Southern California, USA.  I am
most interested in species that have potential for treatment as bonsai
or bonsai-like specimans.

I also have an interest in Erodium due to it's prevelance as an exotic
invasive in many of our local habitats.  I work as a biological
onsultant with an emphisis on botany and vegetation ecology.

I look forward to meeting you all and sharing information on this
wonderful family of plants.  My wife and I are building a collection
that may form the basis of commercial venture in future years. We don't
expect to get rich but both of us have been growing interesting plants
for a good part of our lives and the stress of the consulting world is
taking it toll.  I have always felt that providing access to new and
hard-come-by plant materials is a worthwile occupation.

We also are interested in the conservation of rare plants in their
habitats. We feel that promoting conservation in habitat can be enhanced
by increseing peoples exposure to the beauty of species in cultivation
and making rare species available in the market through careful
propagation, preservation of genetic diversity in collections, good
record keeping and compliance with national and international efforts to
control destructive collecting in habiat.

Thank you all for providing a forum for discusssion and watering hole
for the thirsty.  We are very interested in obtatining seed or cuttings
with valid collection numbers or well documented collection locations.
Looking forward to your company.

Phil and Nubia Bunch
San Diego Area, California, USA

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