[IGS] white form of GERANIUM incanum

>From: DX Victor <david@VICTOR.U-NET.COM>
>Subject: Re: [IGS] white form or Pelargonium incanum?
>Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 17:59:08 +0000
> Hi there, Sean,
> I just read your note on this subject.  Firstly, I think that you mean
> Geranium, not Pelargonium incanum.    <snip>

Hi David -

Nice to hear from you.

As my teenage daughter would say, "What a DORK!".  Of course I mean
GERANIUM incanum!  Perhaps I can convinve you of how hard I've been
working lately, in order to mask the apparent onset of dementia!
;-)  Thanks for the warning about the two forms.  Do they come true
from seed?  Or do they seed at all?

> I am pretty sure that the better form of the two came from Rachel Saunders
> at Silverhill, e-mail: silseeds@iafrica.com.  You should get her catalogue
> anyway, its just about the best on earth.

I'll check with Silver Hills - they are indeed a well regarded
source for things extraordinary.

> Alternatively, you could try Robin Parer at the Geraniaceae Nursery:
> geraniac@pacbell.net.  She's only up the road from you at 122 Hillcrest
> Avenue, Kentfield.

I too often forget about Robin as a source for plants.  She is the
dear lady of Geraniaceae locally, but she and I do not cross paths
as much as I'd prefer.  We had a lovely time at her home at the end
of a garden tour several months ago.  I have apparently loaned my
copy of her catalog, so I just rang her up now and left a message.
It'd be wonderful to have any excuse to get back and see her
beautiful borders.

Thanks for straightening me out! ;-)

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