Re: [IGS] Erodiums and Succulent and Tuberous Pelargoniums

Dear Phil:

You may be interested to know that I have a small nursery in Northern
California and specialize in the Geranium family.  We carry erodiums,
both species and selected color forms,  and some tuberous-rooted,
night-scented pelargoniums as well as a large selection of hardy
geraniums.  We usually do not sell plants with collection numbers,
although if they have been collected in the field we try to keep the
collection data with the plant, or in the case of seed, make a note
where it was collected.

I understand your feelings about introduced and highly invasive European
erodiums.  Do you, however, have Erodium texanum?  Apparently it is a
beautiful, but rather short season native annual in the Southwest.  It
has been hard to find a source of seed.  You are lucky that you live in
southern California.  You have a wonderful resource in Michael Vassar,
one of the Board Members of the International Geranium Society, and an
Editor of Geraniums Around the World.  He is very knowledgeable about
growing the xerophytic species pelargoniums, and is a frequent lecturer
in Southern California.

The best sources of seed for Erodiums are the IGS Seed Exchange and the
Seedlist for the Geraniaceae Group in England.  Both groups require
memberships to order seeds.  The address for the Geraniaceae Group is:

Ms. Penny Clifton, Membership Secretary
The Geraniaceae Group
9 Waingate Bridge Cottages
Haverigg, Cumbria  LA18 4NF

I am assuming that you have the IGS membership information.

Hope this is a help to you.

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