Re: [IGS] white form of GERANIUM incanum

Dear Sean:  Thanks for your telephone call.  It was nice to hear of your
interest in the white form of G. incanum, via David Victor.    I have
just measured the flower size of my plants, which were obtained as seeds
from Silverhill Seeds in South Africa.  This is not a plant that is
going to make your heart beat faster.  Unfortunately, all the plants
have flowers of around 1.75 cm in diameter, with greenish veins,
becoming translucent as the flower ages.  The petals are notched.  The
leaves are a rich, dark green with silvery undersides, and are a little
broader in their dissections than our form of G. incanum, which I
believe is G. incanum var. incanum.

I would love to have a better form of the white G. incanum.    I do
have, however, a very pretty, large pale pink form!

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