census of interest

Dear Andrew,

Sorry I'm late with my response to your inquiry on the census. I have
been collecting members of the Geranium family for over 25 years, and
currently have over 300 species, select color forms, and hybrids of
hardy geraniums; over 100 scented-leaf Pelargoniums; 40 or so Erodium;
over 50 Angel and Pansy-Face Pelargonium; and a number of Pelargonium
species, including a selection of tuberous rooted night-scented species.
Alas, I do not grow any zonal Pelargoniums, Regals/Martha Washingtons,
Ivys, or Miniatures.  I'm not quite sure what you mean by "climbing
types."  Some Pelargoniums grow as big as buses and rest on their
neighbors, and some will sprawl and wander through other plants like P.

Because I sell plants, as well as grow them for pleasure, we keep a
complete collection of everything in two, three, and five gallon
containers, all labeled.  It's a kind of mobile library, and anyone is
welcome to visit it, as long as they contact me first.

We also grow a number of plants in a one acre garden, as part of
perennial and shrub borders, and visitors can see the plants growing in
the ground.  However, we have to provide protection from frost and
winter rain for the majority of the Pelargoniums.  We usually use row
covers, which are a bit like an insulating blanket.  They give us 8
degrees of frost protection, which is enough in this climate, with the
exception of the one in every hundred year freezes.

This is a marvelous and a totally absorbing family of plants.  We are
always looking for new and different ones, and are delighted to talk to
anyone who has a similar interest.

Kind regards.


Robin Parer
Geraniaceae Nursery

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