census of interest

Dear Robin,

Your comments about all the plants you cultivate were very interesting - to
me, at any rate. I  like to see pelargoniums etc grown in the ground and
was impressed that in your wetter and cooler area you are able to get them
to overwinter for many years. It brings up a question - how long-lived are
some of these plants? I know in nature the ones that occur in very dry
climates do live for many years - sarcocaulons, for instance. Those that
come from wetter areas where fires occu, similar to our chaparral, may not
be so long-lived. Does that turn out to be true? I find, in my pretty
limited experience, that a number of the scented species last for years,
zonals become big bushes, some twenty years which is as far back as my
experience goes. Ivy-leaved types for me seem to be more vigorous but do
not live so long.

What do you see? Maybe we should relabel this topic 'ceturies of interest'.

San Diego, California

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