Re: [IGS] Winter Growing & Tuberous Species

At 21:13 8-10-1998 EDT, you wrote:
>The San Diego Geranium Society is very proud to announce that next week
>(Tuesday 10/13 at 7:30 pm) Michael Vassar will be speaking about winter
>growing and tuberous species in addition to having plants for sale.  While
>many of you are too far from San Diego to join us in person, I was thinking
>that if anyone had any questions for him, if you e-mail them to me, I will
>take them to the meeting and copy down the answer for you and then post the
>answer back through the Robin.
>What do you think, is it the next best thing to being there?
>Of course, anyone in the San Diego area is more than welcome to join us in

Hi Cindy,

A very nice initiative from you! I have a question for you that you might be
willing to ask: How do I care for Pelargonium transvaalense? It is in leaf
(a very beautiful leaf) now, but is there something I should(not) do with
it? It is in a cool attic room (cool/cold in winter, but not freezing) on a
southfacing windowsill (so plenty of light). 

I would be very grateful if you could dig sth up for me!


Jip Bieräugel
Alkmaar, Holland

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