Re: [IGS] questions

May I add mine here?
P. xerophyton I have (it is in van der Walt 3) after spending 9 months
without ANY leaf, just being a silly miniature woody mini-shrub (thought
is was dead but knowing my silly pellies just let it be around hoping
<g>) suddenly sprouted 15 mini leaves and seems to enjoy being back in
the living world. What will happen next? Will it flower (winter is
approaching here)? When will it go back to comatose state again? What
must I do? It still looks a silly mini mini mini bonsai tree shrub but
at least it DOES something but I do not want it to rot away suddenly...

Also - to what species / forms mendels P. 'Renate Parsley' out when I
seed the seeds?

Thanx Cindi! Wished I could come over for the meeting but I have work to
do (campaign stuff) and a Manx girl that is due to deliver...
Mimy from Holland

Rein ten Klooster wrote:
> Hello Cindi,
> A good idea to give the opportunity to join the San Diego meeting virtually.
> Would you be so kind to ask the following questions to Michael Vassar?
> 1. P.anethifolium & P.reniforme.
> P.anethifolium forms a chain of tubers of different sizes up to 2.5 cm. The
> plant is grown in a terra cotta pot of 15 cm in a poor mixture of potting
> soil and gravel. In summertime the plant is dormant. In september it starts
> producing a stem of 25 cm with sharp pinnate leaves of up to 5 cm. It does
> not come to flower. How can this plant come to flower?
> P.reniforme, grown in the same condition as P.anethifolium, is also
> tuberous, has rounded, slightly lobed leaves and gives nice purple-blue
> flowers.
> Can you say something in general how to handle these species for optimal
> result?
> 2. G.tuberosum & G.malviflorum.
> Two early flowering (april) hardy geraniums with deeply cut leaves.
> G.malviflorum has tubers with several buds. G.tuberosum has tubers with less
> buds, going more to the form of a bulb, which it not is.
> G.tuberosum is later with its leaves then G.malviflorum. Flowers are
> similar: purper-rose with darker veins. Both plants are dormant in summer,
> but G.malviflorum keeps its leaves longer then G.tuberosum.
> Are these differences correct or am I perhaps confused with other tuberous
> species like G.macrostylum?
> Many thanks in advance. Wishing you all a good meeting in San Diego.
> Rein.

Mimy Sluiter
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