Re: [IGS] Tuberous propagation

Hi Andrew,

>Even though I'll be at the meeting tomoorow let me add my question here as

That's one meeting I sure like to attend.  I've a few succulent Pelargoniums
with Michael Vassars MV collection numbers that I got from a lady in Vancouver
BC.  Could you ask Michael if there's a list of his collection numbers.  I'd
like to see his ID on the plants of his that I have.  Maybe the list could be
published on the IGS site.

>I'd like to know how to propagate tuberous pelargonuiums vegetatively. Is
>that done at this time of year as tubers produce their young shoots? How
>long do they take to come to flower?
>San Diego, California

Many of the Tuberous/succulent rooted Pelly's will readily propagate from root
pieces.  Whenever I'm repotting I cut off pieces of the enlarged roots and place
them with maybe an inch or two showing above the surface.  I usually repot just
before the start of the growing season so it seems that these root pieces start
showing leaf growth just about the same time as the parent plant.

Took some photos yesterday of Pelargonium nephrophyllum.  It has the most
beautiful pink to salmon colored flowers.  I'll try and post it to my site when
I get the photos back.

Keep Growing
Pete Liekkio
Seattle Washington

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