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Van: Marisa Amadio <marisa@IOL.IT>
Datum: dinsdag 13 oktober 1998 13:44
Onderwerp: R: [IGS] Tuberous Species

Hello Marisa,

>G. tuberosum was among my first plants of Geraniums. It had, in my opinion,
>all the requirements to be a success here, as it comes from the
>Mediterranean area and it is also described as a wild species of Italian
>flora, though very rare by now.

G.tuberosum (or G.malviflorum) does well in the border. They are not
invasive at all (here in the southern part of Holland) but appear every
early spring allready during 8 years now. Some plants I keep in pots where
they do nice. Every few years they are re-potted, than the rotten (old)
tubers are removed and the new tubers are placed in several pots.
In the garden I plant the tubers rather deep (10 to 15 cm), where they do
not dry out in the hot summers.
>G. libani seems to be more suited to my conditions. It has thick rhizomes,
>good glossy foliage, and nice violet-blue flowers with slightly wrinkled
>petals, which I saw last spring  for the first time.

I do not have any experience with G.libani, seems to be a nice plant from
your description.

Best wishes,

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