10/13/98 SDGS meeting


I did not, unfortunately, get your message until after the meeting took
place as I have been having some difficulties with Internet connnections
(what is the keyboard stroke that gives that face with a broad grin that is
not a truly happy grin?). So, I guess there was nobody to open the library

Anyhow, the meeting was great as were the refreshments. Congratulations! I
really enjoyed
Michael's talk. He was bombarded with questions from all and may regret the
he showed on oxalis - so many members really were enthusiastic while others
be heard cursing quietly at the multiple interruptions by Oxalis lovers (I
happen to be one but did not ask any of those questions).

Anyhow, he had a ton of information on species Pels, don't you think?. He
showed a few
wonderful slides of P. cortusifolium, collected in sites near the Orange
River and further north in Namibia near Luderitz. Quite different
colorations. He said he found this one harder to propagate and did not have
any for sale at present. I know of one grower, Phil Bunch here in San
Diego, who has it in flower now. Also, he showed several great forms of P.
echinatum, some purple, some pinkish purple, others white with red
blotches. Enough to make a hybridizer go crazy. And then he adds that there
are many new and unnamed species, particularly in the tuberous kind.

I really liked the encouragement he gave people to plant out these species
in this area, saying that they should do much better here with our cooler,
milder, foggier climate than he has north of Los Angeles. Plant them where
they get shade in midsummer when dormant but receive full exposure to a
lower sun in winte, which is when they are growing. Or plant them between
bushes or with ice-plant as a groundcover so that their roots are not
blasted by the sun. So many opportunities.


San Diego, California

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