Re: [IGS] Tuberous propagation


You asked about Michael Vassar's collection:

>I've a few succulent Pelargoniums
>>with Michael Vassars MV collection numbers that I got from a lady in
>>BC.  Could you ask Michael if there's a list of his collection numbers.  I'd
>>like to see his ID on the plants of his that I have.  Maybe the list could be
>>published on the IGS site.

Well, he came down with well over a hundred plants and also a list. They
were all listed with their collection numbers. I have the list and would be
glad to mail it to you if you give me your address. To give some idea there
were 8 collected forms of P. echinatum, several of P. klinghardtense,
several P rapaceum, P. carnosum, and P. magentum and one form of each of
over a dozen other species, some not yet named. Tuberous types included P.
curviandrum, P. radulifolium, P. magentum and P.triste. It was a
collector's delight! There were 37 entries in the list plus several others
that he did not list. I could type it in and Michael said his list could be
copied so I do not think he'd mind. Nevertheless, I suggest we get in touch
with him first. Maybe he would prefer to submit the list. Cindi - what do
you think?

Thanks, Peter, for your directions for propagation. This would be a good
time, then, to take root cuttings?

San Diego, California

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