Re: [IGS] 10/13/98 SDGS meeting & GATW

Greetings All,

I will be off line for a couple of days, and wanted to give a quick update
before I go.  First, I've seen the GERANIUMS AROUND THE WORLD journal, and it
should be going through the sorting/mailing process at this time.  Look for it
to arrive by snail mail soon.  For those of us on the Robin, a lot of the
contributors' names are going  to be familiar.  You can look forward to
descriptions of the shows put on by the California Central Coast Branch of
IGS, South Bay Geranium Club, and San Diego Geranium Society; Wintering
Pelargoniums Outdoors in New York City;  Reflections from Oregon; Greetings
from Sweden; Report from Melbourne; P. crassicaule; Geraniums Online; Reports
from West Virginia, Winter Preparations in San Diego, England, Inland Empire,
California Central Coast and Southwest.  We're trying to learn exactly how
long it takes the publisher to receive the data, get it printed, and get it
mailed, so please e-mail me when you receive your issue.  As some of you
already know, this is the first journal put out by the new publication
committee, and you're going to see some cosmetic changes in the appearance of
the journal this time, and you'll see more changes next issue.  Your opinions
as to the format, contents, etc. are most welcome, as are suggestions for
articles that you would like to see in future issues.

Regarding the San Diego Geranium Society meeting with Michael Vassar, it was
truly a splendid presentation.  I bought far more plants than I had planned
to, and enjoyed every minute.  There were a lot of questions from the floor,
and I turned over our more detailed questions to Michael so he could take the
time to read them carefully and answer them.  As soon as I get the answers
back, I will send them out over the Robin.  I expect to receive some
additional information from Michael regarding watering and cultivation of
species, and I will ask him if that information can be sent out over the

I haven't been receiving a lot of Robin-type mail lately, I hope everyone (and
every-plant!) is doing well.  What's everyone up to?


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