Re: [IGS] Updating IGS website


I am not sure what to do except maybe change the
background color (which will affect the pictures
I'm afraid).  Just wish we could recruit someone
else to help make these decisions.  Please ask the
board about this.  Surely there is someone in the
IGS that could take this on with many more skills
than I possess?

Cynthia S. Lohry wrote:
> Diana,
> Updating the website sounds good to me.  I know that when I visit a site and
> it remains always the same, I tend not to keep going back.  What did you have
> in mind?  I'm afraid my skill is solely limited to viewing, not creating these
> things.  There is a board meeting on Sunday, so if you want board approval on
> something, let me know and I'll print out the e-mail and present the
> information to the board and let you know what happens.
> Yes, I know I'm supposed to be offline.  It's some ungodly hour and I just got
> back from a geranium meeting at the South Coast Botanic Center, and couldn't
> resist seeing what everyone was up to.
> Cindi

Diana Pederson, Lansing, MI, Zone 5
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