We're still working on the content format.  I think we're going to try for a
nice balance between the "local reports" from people around the world and
special interest articles that zoom in on a particular angle of geraniums or
pelargoniums.  The upcoming issue has a particularly nice article about P.
sidoides/P. reniforme/'Burgundy'/ 'Garnet' that we're trying to come up with
photos to go with it.  Since that "style" plant is one of my favorites, I
really enjoyed the article.

Questions have been answered on a one-on-one basis recently, probably because
the journal is published quarterly and people tend to want their questions
answered right away, not in a couple  of months.  It would be interesting
though, if people would write in with questions and it could be a semi-regular
feature.  Good idea!

John Adney had another good idea, that there could be a feature about geranium
people that would touch on who they were, what they specialized in, and
perhaps include a black and white photo of them, their garden, or their
favorite plant.

Have to get going here.  I promised myself an hour on the computer before I
drove to Vista to help input the next issue of the journal into the Quark



P.S.  Am making progress with the GATW index.  Am all the way up to Fall of
1957, and already on page 109 of the index!

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