> From: Diane Soares <>

Hi Diane,

We're almost neighbors.  I shop for greenhouse supplies often at Stuebers
in Snohomish.

> I confess to joining this list because I've been "collecting" geraniums 
> and wanted to learn more.  It started with the hardies, then a friend 
> gave me 'Black Vesuvius', then I bounght some scenteds, ect., and I 
> realized there were so many different colors, shapes, scents and 
> textures. Now I'm addicted <grin> and always making space for "just one 
> more".  I have hardies (over 40 varieties). Pelargoniums include 5 
> stellars, 3 minis/dwarfs, 10 or so scented.  Erodiums - 4 varieties the 
> newest is manescavi. 

Are the erodiums species?  Do any of them have succulent stems of roots.  I
have only one,  E. pelargonifolium and it forms a caudex. It overwinters
outdoors here in Seattle and flowers in Jan/Feb.

> Oh, I have an 8 x 16 foot greenhouse for overwintering and propagtion.  I

> am interested in growing from seed but so far I've only collected the 
> seed from the hardies to see if anything interesting comes from it. 
> I just came back from a visit to your web site!!  What winter 
> temperatures are required by these caudiform/succulent varieties?  My gh 

My greenhouse is at 50 degrees for the winter and the winter growing
species seem to do well at this temperature though I think they would like
higher light conditions than our winter provides.  Still they grow well and
flower well in the Dec - March time frame. Nice to have the winter early
spring flowers.

> runs on the cool side - 45 to 50 degrees.  Could I grow these in the 
> greenhouse or as indoor plants?  Could tell us where these can be 
> purchased? 

Seed is the easiest way - There are several complete plant/seed lists on
Internet, for example at

Keep growing
Pete Liekkio
Seattle,  Washington,  USA

> Thanks!!
> Diane in Snohomish, WA
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