Re: Erodium/Pelargonium

> > It started with the hardies, then a friend
> > > gave me 'Black Vesuvius',
> > **
> > 
> > I'm mad about dark blooms, and this sounds like one I'd like to get..
> > it really is dark.
> > Carolyn Schaffner in buffalo, NY

Hi Carolyn and all,

If you're looking for black or almost black flowers, try Pelargonium
auritum  ssp auritum.  The flowers of Pelargonium lobatum are purple-black
with a slight yellow margin.  For the caudicifile both of these have large
tubers  that may be raised. P. auritum blooms winter.  P. lobatum late

Keep growing
Pete Liekkio
Seattle,  Washington,  USA

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