Re: Erodium/Pelargonium

Hi there Diane and Pete,

If I can just grab a couple of lines, Erodium chamaedryoides quoted in your
messages should be Erodium reichardii, the former was a mistake made by
l'Heritier some years ago!  Also, the plant that circulates commercially
under the name E. pelargoniflorum is in fact E. trifolium, which comes from
the Atlas mountains in North Africa, with a variant in the Himalaya.  E.
pelargoniflorum is a very different plant, with a flower that really looks
like a Pelargonium flower.

I make these points because there are major problems with naming in this
genus.  Most of the 'species' that circulate, particularly the beautiful
rock plants, are in fact hybrids, though they picked up incorrect latinate
names earlier this century.

Best Regards,
David Victor

Saxifragaceae, Geraniaceae, Arisaema, Cape bulbs, Paeonia, Salvias, Irids
and anything else that is beautiful

Hockliffe, Bedfordshire, England, UK
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