Re: Erodium/Pelargonium

> From: DX Victor <>
> Date: Saturday, September 13, 1997 7:14 AM
Hi David,

Nice to hear from you again.  Hope all grows well. 

> If I can just grab a couple of lines, Erodium chamaedryoides quoted in
> messages should be Erodium reichardii, the former was a mistake made by
> l'Heritier some years ago!  Also, the plant that circulates commercially
> under the name E. pelargoniflorum is in fact E. trifolium, which comes
> the Atlas mountains in North Africa, with a variant in the Himalaya.  E.
> pelargoniflorum is a very different plant, with a flower that really
> like a Pelargonium flower.

I had this conversation  on just this topic with  Peter Brouwer a few weeks
back.   Peter B. has an Interesting websites about erodiums and related


> From: Peter Brouwer 
> Date: Sunday, July 13, 1997 2:34 PM

> some characteristics of E. trifolium : hairy leaves, one coloured
> purple-brown blotches on the petals, sepals without mucron.
> Characteristics of pelargoniflorum : no hairy leaves, red and purple
> coloured blotches, sepals with 2,5 mm mucron.
> I have not seen E. pelargoniflorum. Erodiums with that name just had a
> wrong label. They were E. trifolium in fact. Maybe your erodium is also
> trifolium. Let me know if you are interested in E. trifolium. I have
> seed for you.

> From: Peter Brouwer  
>Date: Tuesday, August 05, 1997 1:32 PM

>Thanks. I just recieved seed of Erodium pelargoniflorum. Using a
microscope it looks like pelargoniflorum because it has hairs in the
>foveole. Erodium trifolium does not have hairs in the foveole. But I am
not yet sure. Saturday I will try those seeds and I will let you >know the


I haven't heard if the seed I sent has germinated yet.  The E. trifolium I
received from him has not.  I've a bit more E. pelargoniuflorum ? seed if
you'd like to try it.  Whatever it is its a nice plant. A bit invasive here
in Seattle.  lt overwinters outside in ground.  Blooms very early spring
and has a large turnip shaped caudex.

Keep growing
Pete Liekkio
Seattle,  Washington,  USA

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