Re: Erodium/Pelargonium

Hi Pete and all,

Glad for the renewal of discussion on this group!

Last Winter I have managed to kill by untimely watering a precious seedling
of  E. pelargoniiflorum, that gives me a right to take part on this topic!

I just can add a characteristic of E. pelargoniiflorum that might help
in identification. My seedling had heart shaped leaves with an unmistakable
catty scent, even too much realistic :-) , just the same that cats use to
mark their territory.

I am also growing many plants of E. trifolium. Here, in North-West Italy,
it flowers in April and self-sows easily. Seedlings that reach a good size
before Winter often survive without protection. My oldest plants of E.
trifolium have a turnip shaped root, more visible in potted plants.

All the best,

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