Re: Erodium/Pelargonium

Hi there Pete,
Many thanks for your note and the messages on the subject.  I would offer
you some seed but for the two facts that I have not collected any and, in
any event, I would be concerned about suggesting that it might be true.  As
you know, they hybridise very easily and I have fifty or sixty E's in that
bed, most of them fertile and a number from the same Section.  I guess that
sending you a cutting is juist not on.  

However, E. pelargoniflorum (true) is quite a pretty plant, though its easy
to loose from winter wet like most Erodiums, being essentially Mediterranean.
Best Regards,
David Victor

Saxifragaceae, Geraniaceae, Arisaema, Cape bulbs, Paeonia, Salvias, Irids
and anything else that is beautiful

Hockliffe, Bedfordshire, England, UK
Zone 7      

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