Re: FW: Help

Hi antonio,
         Pelargonium gibbosum has yellow flowers ,P alchemilloides can have
yellow flowers [or red,or pink] , P lobatum has flowers variating from
almost black with yellow edge to yellow with purple black streak ,P
oblongatum yellow with purple streaks , P pulveruientum yellow brown bloches
,p triste yellow with purple streaks .
But remember all these plants have very variable flowers  and the only sure
way is to see it in flower

At 12:58 15/09/97 -0400, you wrote:
>> Dear Sirs:
>> I am finding very diffcult to use IGS. 
>> > I would like to know if there are yellow geraniums, since I very
>> much
>> > want to have some.
>> I have created a mailing list called but I do not
>> understand how can I use it in order to get help on this question.
>> It seems difficult to use IGS !!
>> > Best regards,
>> > Antonio Batalha (from Portugal)

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