Re: Erodium/Pelargonium

Hi there Pete,

I think that the confusion between these two arose from the flower shape.
Both E. trifolium and E. pelargoniflorum have flowers that resemble
Pelargonium flowers as, indeed, do many other Erodiums but to a lesser
degree.  However, if you see the two plants, you cannot confuse them again.
E. trifolium makes a quite chunky mound of lax, dark green leaves with three
rounded lobes.  It looks like a herbaceous perennial if you know what I
mean.  E. pelargoniflorum looks like an alpine, a loose rosette with feather
shaped leaves, though lobed not finely cut.

I'd be very happy to try growing on some seed if you would like to send it
to me.  I am afraid I don't collect seed too often as the plants hybridise
so freely, so I can't send you any back.

Best Regards,
David Victor

Saxifragaceae, Geraniaceae, Arisaema, Cape bulbs, Paeonia, Salvias, Irids
and anything else that is beautiful

Hockliffe, Bedfordshire, England, UK
Zone 7      

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