Re: Erodium/Pelargonium

> From: DX Victor <>
> Date: Friday, September 19, 1997 5:14 AM
> degree.  However, if you see the two plants, you cannot confuse them
> E. trifolium makes a quite chunky mound of lax, dark green leaves with
> rounded lobes.  It looks like a herbaceous perennial if you know what I
> mean.  E. pelargoniflorum looks like an alpine, a loose rosette with
> shaped leaves, though lobed not finely cut.

The above makes me think its trifolium, but other past comments have left
me unsure. I'll try and post a picture on my webpage in the next week or

> I'd be very happy to try growing on some seed if you would like to send
> to me.  I am afraid I don't collect seed too often as the plants
> so freely, so I can't send you any back.

Send me your address and I'll post you some seed for testing.  This is the
only Erodium I have so at least I haven't hybridized it and I don't see any
variability in any of the seedlings so it may be species.

Keep growing
Pete Liekkio
Seattle,  Washington,  USA

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