[IGS] Species questions and update

Hi all,
Just a small reminder and update on how things are here in Holland (yes,
still a lot of rain too Ingrid!).
I asked some time ago if some one knew if seeds of the natural hybrid P.
x scandens are fertile and how the offspring mendels out. Hope some one
can help me here.
The I asked about my P. crassipes that after years made buds. Well, it
is flowering now (has developed three umbels) and indeed as Andrew and
Ingrid (if I recollect well) wrote, the flowers are not spectacular,
just peculiar. They are small, five in a truss on separate stems,
white-yellow with the two top leaves bended backwards and blackish marks
on the top (!) leaves.
To end a new question - my Sarcocaulon vanderietieae had only three
flowers this year. Then it decided to do a metamorphosis. All the leaves
started to wither away and dropped, then on all the places new buds of
leaves appeared and most of them are the start of new branches it seems.
Quite peculiar! My plant is around 7 years old and comes from seed
originally (raised by one of the hortuses here) and is a very attractive
type of miniature desert-bush with woody branches stretching out
horizontally mostly being totally decorative by form and shape. Any
clues why the plant acted so weird (and left me worrying for some time,
thinking it had decided to leave this world <VBG>)?
Mimy Sluiter
e-mail: mailto:manx1@wxs.nl

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