Re: [IGS] Tinkerbelle exchange


Sorry to take so long to get back to you.  I've Iost a couple plants and have
one or two looking peaked, so it would be great to place an order.  I'm hoping
to finish inventorying and grooming them this weekend.  Do you think I could
sneak in a couple non-angels?

I'm working on a continuing series in our SDGS newsletter, and was wondering
if you could help.  It's on the different types of soil mix that people are
using to grow their pellies in, and for what reason.  Most of the SD group
uses the 2 parts Supersoil, 1 part perlite mix.  I think you use something
else?  Something heavier?


PS  I vote that you take the plane -- more time to chat if we pick you up at
the LAX!

PPS  Less room for plants ... This is a dilemma!

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