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Mimy: Our cats thank you for your info on butterfly leaf zonals. And by the
way, so do I.
John Adney

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From: Mimy Sluiter <manx1@WXS.NL>
Date: Wednesday, September 16, 1998 3:07 AM
Subject: Re: butterfly leaf zonals

>John & Pat Adney wrote:
>> Greetings listees: I've just heard of "butterfly leaf" zonals. As one
>> who enjoys growing some of the more unusual zonals, I'd like to learn
>> more about the "butterfly leaf" pelargonium. Are they similar to the
>> fancy-leaf zonals in appearance, blooming and culture?
>> Your comments and suggested sources will be appreciated. Thanks.
>> John G. Adney
>> New IGS member in Marion, Iowa
>Hi John and Pat (plus 3 himalayans <VBG>)!
>Yep, they are rather identical in growing. I have two - Happy Thought
>(red single flowers) and Pink Happy Thought (rose single flowers) and
>they have a bright green leaf with yellow "butterfly". If I remember
>correctly they are a special kind of fancy leaf zonals but miss the
>zone  (red pigments) but I am sure there are those out there that can
>much better explain the scientific reasons for all this with pigments
>Also there are several kinds of sizes in them tho I cannot recall any
>buterfly leafed types that are real miniatures or dwarfs.
>My "Happy Thoughts" can stand all (especially neglect in winter - my
>fault <g>) and recover wonderfully to stay flowering in summer until I
>feel it has been enough and I remove the stems to give them some leaves
>at least to build up some reserves for the winter period. And since I
>usually forget who was who (I only have one kind with butterfly leaves -
>the pink is a sport of the red flowered) it is often a matter of waiting
>for me when cuttings taken in fall will begin to flower next spring to
>correctly put name tags in saying either HT or Pink HT....
>Mimy Sluiter
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