Re: [IGS] census of interests

For the census:-,
I grow approx 1 200  ZONAL PELARGONIUMS,  all in  containers, mostly 5" - 6"
pots.  These are all under cover.
Also grow a few species and scenteds in the garden, but my main interest is in
the Zonals.
Is there anyone else out there who is  mainly into Zonals, I don't seem to hear
much about them on the  IGSrobin.
Best wishes
Joan  in sunny (Springtime) Western Australia.

Andrew Wilson wrote:

> Dear All,
> Since I joined this group earlier this year I have been been wondering
> about the makeup of interests of members of the IGS, as distinct from those
> of this august group, the IGS Robin. Has anybody an idea of :
> How many members grow geraniums etc. as container plants, how many as
> garden plants (even if only for a few months each year)
> How many are interested mainly in species and how many mainly in hybrids
> How many propagate regularly from seed, how many only from cuttings
> What is the international makeup of membership
> This would give me a better feel for what IGS is all about. In reading
> GATW, both recent issues and some not so recent, I have made a few guesses
> that were based on the articles there. However, my guesses could be
> entirely wrong, and probably are. Also, does anyone know if the people
> contributing to this Robin are representative of the membership or is it
> considered as more of a fringe-group? I hope nobody feels threatened by
> that statement - it was not meant to be interpreted that way!
> Andrew
> San Diego, California

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