census of interests

Dear All,

Since I joined this group earlier this year I have been been wondering
about the makeup of interests of members of the IGS, as distinct from those
of this august group, the IGS Robin. Has anybody an idea of :

How many members grow geraniums etc. as container plants, how many as
garden plants (even if only for a few months each year)
How many are interested mainly in species and how many mainly in hybrids
How many propagate regularly from seed, how many only from cuttings
What is the international makeup of membership

This would give me a better feel for what IGS is all about. In reading
GATW, both recent issues and some not so recent, I have made a few guesses
that were based on the articles there. However, my guesses could be
entirely wrong, and probably are. Also, does anyone know if the people
contributing to this Robin are representative of the membership or is it
considered as more of a fringe-group? I hope nobody feels threatened by
that statement - it was not meant to be interpreted that way!

San Diego, California

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