Re: [IGS] census of interests

Hi Andrew!
I have around 40 different scented Pelargonium cultivars, around 75
species - some scented, some funny, some with tubers, some succulents
(in the serre), then some variegated leafed Zonals, a few "normal"
zonals, a few dwarf Zonals and one micro-mini Zonal (Gwen), one Stellar,
several Peltatums (Ivy leafed) mainly old English variagated leaved ones
plus the Australian Crocodile, around 7 different Uniques, a couple of
Angels, 1 Sarcocaulon (vanderietiae) + one rooted cutting for Rein <ggg>
and in the full ground around 30 different Geraniums and some Erodiums.
When my Monsonia seed from Rein will germinate I guess I have all the
five Geranium families present here (or should I add Hypseocharis
Currently I am taking cuttings to be sure all will come through the
winter well (in greenhouse and serre) - when frost sets in all the
pellies and fuchsia's have to get indoors again. Oh yes, and before I
forget - there is also one 60 year old Agave americana "Variegata" here
that came with the house - also to be dragged in again in october...
The most decorative Pellies I try to cut down limitedly so they still
look nice and they will spend the winter in the living room. My huge
rose scented P.capitatum in the full ground survived the transit to a
large container well and is still on the terrace recovering and making
some new leaves and will be a very decorative houseplant hopefully (yep,
I resisted cutting it into pieces... - he is very glad to have
survived). And aside I also have around 10 Fuchsia species with funny
flowers and habits (a lot of spraying required to mimic the
high-mountain climate from South America) plus two hardy F.
magellanica's (alba and ricartonii in the full ground) and a few early
F. "Triphylla" hybrids (Thalia, Gartenmeister Bonstedt etc.)
Mimy from Holland (am I a fringe person now? Dunno the exact meaning of
the term, but know the word from "fringe meetings" I have with other
political experts to discuss different topics at congresses for my daily
Mimy Sluiter

> Andrew Wilson wrote:
> Dear All,
> Since I joined this group earlier this year I have been been wondering
> about the makeup of interests of members of the IGS, as distinct from those
> of this august group, the IGS Robin. Has anybody an idea of :
> How many members grow geraniums etc. as container plants, how many as
> garden plants (even if only for a few months each year)
> How many are interested mainly in species and how many mainly in hybrids
> How many propagate regularly from seed, how many only from cuttings
> What is the international makeup of membership
> This would give me a better feel for what IGS is all about. In reading
> GATW, both recent issues and some not so recent, I have made a few guesses
> that were based on the articles there. However, my guesses could be
> entirely wrong, and probably are. Also, does anyone know if the people
> contributing to this Robin are representative of the membership or is it
> considered as more of a fringe-group? I hope nobody feels threatened by
> that statement - it was not meant to be interpreted that way!
> Andrew
> San Diego, California

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