Re: [IGS] census of interests

Greetings from Sweden....where it is getting darker and darker for each day
that passes! Hi Andrew..

I am not sure if there are any other Swedish or Scandinavian members on the
group........but FWIW :-)))) warning! I tend to go on and on and.....

Pelargoniums are very much a part of the Swedish 'folk home' and Pels are
thought to bring good luck and are handed down. Some people grow their pels
with fierce protectiveness, other buy their new from the supermarket each
year and throw them away when Winter is near. The vareties offered in the
supermarket are often nameless...but the heirlooms are often given Swedish
names, their original names long forgotten. We have for instance a variety
called 'Maarbacka', which is pink and double. And did you know that there
are really a white Apple Blossom Rosebud in Sweden---virtually forgotten
But Sweden as a nation has become conscious of the varieties for sale and
since joining the Common Market (EU) we now have access to 'everything'.
Good ol' varieties like Apple Blossom R, Lord Bute  are high in demand. And
scented....scenteds in heaps and droves! People who like herbs often like
scenteds too! And they look smashing in a pot on a porch or balcony! It is
as if they were made for containers :-)))))
A Pel Society has just been founded in I expect the interest
will grow and grow!

Geraniums: three, four species are regularly seen for sale in the local
nurseries. H cinerascens (sp)---'Johnson's Blue'..I may have misspelt these
as Geraniums are not my strong side tho' I have a few in my garden. This
will change next year I might add....I plan to grow LOTS more since my eyes
have been opened. We have a few wild is referred to locally as
Flower of Mid Summer ( we celebrate that particular time of the year in
Scandinavia, dancing around the May Pole)

Personally I am a member of the Geraniaceae Group in the UK...and grow
mainly species Pelargonium, and I do try Sarcocaulon from time to time.
They hate our damp Winters and then I feel a bit bad for trying to grow
I have a few hybrids, mainly for swapping and beauty. I overwinter them in
a cool spot, for the first time in our new greenhouse so I hope everything
works out! Apple Blossom, l'Elegante, Nutmeg, Lord Bute..Jupiter, Mrs Cox,

My feelings about species Pelargonium and Sarcocaulons are that not many
Pelargonium enthusiasts grow and collect them. A few years back when I had
just become interested in cacti and succulents (C&S) while visiting an old
and wise collector, my eyes fell on his HUGE seedgrown Pel cotyledonis, he
told me the story and I was sold! So it started...then I found out that
'some', not all C&S collectors/growers have a few succulents on the side
and perhaps then a succulent Pel, pachycaul or tuberous in habit. As I have
always liked 'ordinary' Pels ( sorry!) I found it easy to like their wild
cousins...for their sheer elegance, fragility and sometimes almost Japanese
beauty. And they could even be grown as bonsai!

My sneaky feeling is that my interest is not very typical for this corner
of the world and that people who grow succulent Pels can and may also be
found on 'other' discussion groups....perhaps cacti_etc or
other_succulents???? Just a hunch y'know!

All the best from dark Sweden...Mrs Cox has just opened a flower and
Clorinda has a bud!!!!


Oh! Propagation...cuttings and seed....the Geraniaceae Group has a VERY
good seedlist!

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