Re: [IGS] census of interests


As you know, my main interest is in the angels.  At last inventory I have
about 100 different cultivars, plus duplicates.  Some of looking pretty peaked
right now, so that number might be off.  I grow them in pots, usually 6", so
they can be transported for talks and to show.  I hope to put some of them
into the ground this fall and see how they do as a garden plant this upcoming

In order of addiction, the zonals come next.  I have accumulated about a dozen
rosebuds,  a yellow blooming (Creamery), and lots and lots of fancy leaf and
novelty flowering.

My scenteds are planted directly into the ground, and if they get too awfully
overgrown, I yank them out by their little roots and compost them.

I'm finding that I have a definite liking for the sidoides and similar
species, and have been accumulating them.  Will be trying them out as
groundcover under the roses next year.

I've also discovered a new interest for species, and they live in 1 gallon
pots in the lathhouse by the lilypond.  The tadpole that grew into a frog  in
the lilypond likes to hang out around the one gallon pots and give people a
friendly splat by jumping on your feet if you don't move quickly.

I propagate from cuttings, but have collected vast numbers of seeds this year
and need the advice of all you seed experts out there on how to successfully
get them matured into little plants so I can see if my efforts at
hybridization have yielded anything worth naming and keeping.

Cindi Lohry
San Diego, CA

P.S.   Instead of being a fringe, do you think I could be a tassle?

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