census of interests

Dear Mimi, Ingrid, Astrid, John, Joan, Cindi, John and Peter,

Many thanks to all for your responses and to Mimi for rerouting most of
them to me. I found the responses interesting, highly international and
I'll try to reply. Before I do let me say that I thought I had not asked
for a show of hands on what was popular among this group. This was not
meant to be a popularity poll. I was really just trying to get an idea of
the types of plants on which most of the membership spends its time. In any
event, no problem, the responses were good statements on their own and open
up possible topics for conversation. Maybe they could be saved at LISTSERV
for new members to get an idea of the interests of contributors. What do
you think? Anybody want to spruce up their resume?

Anyhow, on the basis of what I saw I'll conclude that:

Nearly everyone grows zonals, but nobody talks about them
Regal Pels have wide appeal with the scented types also popular
Angels and Species types have addicted followers who talk more about their
Nobody owns up to growing climbing types.
Many place plants in the ground in the warm season

On the basis of this mini-survey this may not be a fringe group but right
in line. In this message I'll stay out of comments on any of the individual
collections but there are plenty to be made. Comments from anyone?

San Diego, California

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