Re: [IGS] census of interests

Hi Ingrid,

I enjoyed your description of how Sweden has adopted and given names to
geraniums, much like elves and trolls of the woods. While they bring good
luck do some of them perform nasty tricks? But it is sad to hear that they
are thrown away when the days grow dark and the weather turns cold. Who
would do that to an elf?

Now I know you have a kinder heart and hold on to your species pels for the
winter because you tell us about artificial lighting. Do you have your own
names for them? Some of them are like grizzled dwarves. And the scented
types - do you grow them on to large size or take cuttings in autumn? I am
sure you can find more evocative names than 'peppermint', 'lemon', 'citron'
or 'rose'.

>>>Pelargoniums are very much a part of the Swedish 'folk home' and Pels are
>>>thought to bring good luck and are handed down. Some people grow their
>>>pels with fierce protectiveness, other buy their new from the supermarket
>>>each year and throw them away when Winter is near. The vareties offered in
>>>the supermarket are often nameless...but the heirlooms are often given
>>>Swedish names, their original names long forgotten. We have for instance a
>>>variety called 'Maarbacka', which is pink and double. And did you know
>>>that there are really a white Apple Blossom Rosebud in Sweden---virtually
>>>forgotten elsewhere?
>>>But Sweden as a nation has become conscious of the varieties for sale and
>>>since joining the Common Market (EU) we now have access to 'everything'.
>>>Good ol' varieties like Apple Blossom R, Lord Bute  are high in demand.
>>>And scented....scenteds in heaps and droves! People who like herbs often
>>>like scenteds too! And they look smashing in a pot on a porch or balcony!
>>>It is as if they were made for containers :-)))))
>>>A Pel Society has just been founded in I expect the interest
>>>will grow and grow!

Let's hope so too. Give them a Swedish character and interest will surely

San Diego, California

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