re census of interest

Dear Andrew,

One month ago I applied for membership of the IGS, caused by this
interesting maillist.
I am member of the Dutch and the Belgium Pel & Ger Societies and of the
English/international Geraniacea Group, which is my main source of
knowledge, by the articles in the Group News, the booklist, the seed
distribution and the homepage:, run by Marisa in Italy.

My collection consists of geraniums (200) and erodiums (40) and I have some
Pels because I got this infection to from the several society members.
Favorites are the succulent forms, but I keep just a few.
I propagate geraniums and erodiums:
- by taking cuttings in April and August,
- by sawing in February,
- by dividing in March, April.
The times given are in my experience the best times, but I do all these
propagation methods throughout the year, whenever I have the feeling that
it's a good moment.
My aim of propagation is to get people acquintanced with Geraniacea. I am
very low priced: just enough to get my costs out of it. Besides I give
lectures for interested groups of garden lovers only concerning Ger's and
Erodiums. Therefore I grow some plants in containers. Erodiums I grow mainly
in the rock garden, which I protect in winter from to much wetness by
glassframes over it (wet is worse then cold).
I am member of several societies to meet people who have the same tick and
to learn from others experiences.
A good idea to put the 'census of interest question'.
Best wishes,

Breda, Holland.

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