Re: [IGS] census of interests


First, my apologies for failing to recognize that you do grow scrambling
type pels (P. peltatum).i thought I had read all the replies to this
subject carefully but I missed a few points. Do you grow P.lateripes as

Second, what is a 'serre'? After all the plants that you grow I made a few
guesses but none seemed to fit.

>>Currently I am taking cuttings to be sure all will come through the
>>winter well (in greenhouse and serre) - when frost sets in all the
>>pellies and fuchsia's have to get indoors again.

Glad to hear you like fuchsias as well. For the first time in many years I
have no Fuchsia mite to contend with. Gartenmeister Bonstedt was crippled
every year but has now recovered, with clumps ten feet across and in flower
all summer. Almost a weed again.

>And aside I also have around 10 Fuchsia species with funny
>>flowers and habits (a lot of spraying required to mimic the
>>high-mountain climate from South America) plus two hardy F.
>>magellanica's (alba and ricartonii in the full ground) and a few early
>>F. "Triphylla" hybrids (Thalia, Gartenmeister Bonstedt etc.)

San Diego, California

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