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Your reply to my questions was interesting. I did appreciate the one about
not dealing with large containers because of back surgery. I use high
benches and have just been building some today that are a little over a
metre (40 inches) high. Why crouch?

Even though you have a hot summer in SW Australia (are you in Perth?) with
blowing winds, which makes zonals harder to grow, I am a bit surprised you
have given up growing them in the garden. Our climate round here is
similar, unless you are on the coast where it is a bit cooler. Zonals do
fine. I still see beds of them and ivy leaved types in flower and it is
very late in our season. It must be the watering technique. Yes, daily
overhead watering would not do round here either.

>I have tried Zonals in the garden, but they don't do nearly as well there
>as they
>do under cover.  The temperature in summer is often over 40C for days on end,
>added to that my half acre block is fully reticulated (from the creek) with
>sprinklers.  I could put drippers in, but they are tiny and would block up
>gunk out of the creek.

I find that pelargoniums of different types do fine in hot weather if given
some shade so I am niot surprised that the polycarbonate helps. I find that
the ivy leaved types just love the partial shade of some of your Western
Australian shrubs (Melaleucas, Callistemons, Westringias, Acacias and
mallee Eucs) and go on flowering with only a little extra watering for
months. True, they are not in show-class form if grown in this way but the
needed work is far less - and for me, that is what counts! I just use
spitters turned on once a week in summer. These are fed by the same type of
irrigation tubing as drippers but the volume is much higher so that
clogging is avoided - except on rare occasions! Container growing, while
giving best results, is just too much work for me. A few days in hot
weather may be a disaster for my containers.

This brings up the question - which geraniums (hybrid Pels) are most heat
tolerant? Cindi may have some ideas there as she talks to the Los Angeles
people, some of whom are well away from the coast in San Fernando and San
Bernardino where, because of the mountains, I do believe it may be hotter
and even less humid in summer than most parts of Western Australia. Anhow,
it is a questrion I'd like to know about. Many of the species types from
western South Africa seem to prefer their roots in shade and die without
that protection. In nature they are often found growing between rocks or in
the shade of cliff overhangs. Has anyone crossed summer growers like P.
luridum with the cooler area species (P.cucullata or P. inquinans) for
better heat and summer water tolerance? I know this question will make Mimi
and Ingrid and others from northern climes laugh but too much heat can be a

>I have got about 250 plants ready to sell at our Annual show on 17th October.
>we can never get enough for the public. One member has 1 000 Regals, ready to
>sell. They will go like hot cakes as they are in full flower.

I am impressed by the number of plants grown. Glad to hear Spring has come
and Regals are blooming - is this about normal time for them with you or is
it early?

San Diego, California

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