Re: [IGS] census of interests

Andrew Wilson wrote:
> Do you grow P.lateripes as well?
Yep - I love to touch the special velvety leaves and like the special
place the leaf is attached to the stem. I guess it is sterile (any one
out there able to tell me more?) since it does not set seed. It
currently has decided to start flowering again after a rather long rainy
summer without too much sun.

> Second, what is a 'serre'? After all the plants that you grow I made a
> few guesses but none seemed to fit.
Something like a glass gazebo I guess. We have bought a house that was
built in 1903 in the typical romantic style of that period (also to be
found more or less in for example San Francisco and places in the UK)
and in those times many houses were built with a room made of glass
windows in wood frames in front of the house to sit in surrounded by
plants in times when it is too cold to be really outside but wanting to
feel outside. It also was meant to be a kind of conservatory
(mini-"orangerie") to be able to have your terrace plants in forst free
during winter which I do too (in my case some Datura's, the Nerium
Oleander, the 65 year old Agave that came with the house, the tree-type
Fuchsia boliviana etc.). Along the windows (since most serre's are built
nicely south bounded) are my succulent pellies all year around. And also
it is a good place to have some tropical plants like Ficus etc. Hope
that answers your question. And something silly I personally use it for
is a "bridal suite" for my cats occasionally - last week I had this
handsome Manx gentleman over that lives with friends and he has had a
wonderful "tropical honeymoon vacation" with one of my white Manx girls
there <VBG>!

Bye from rainy-again (but not cold) Holland
Mimy Sluiter

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