Re: [IGS] census of interests


On the subject of P. lateripes you wrote:

>Yep - I love to touch the special velvety leaves and like the special
>place the leaf is attached to the stem. I guess it is sterile (any one
>out there able to tell me more?) since it does not set seed.

My understanding is that P. lateripes does set seed. At least I got a plant
from Carol Roller "Roller's Sigma" that is a cross of P. lateripes and
another species - I'll have to check which one. By the way, I find it an
excellent plant, very tough, rarely out of flower, more bushy and less
sprawling than at least one of its parents. Do you know it?

Your serre sounds quite exotic with all those plants and amorous felines.
And the Daturas (or Brugmasnsias these days) contain lots of potent

San Diego, California

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