Re: [IGS] census of interests

Andrew Wilson wrote:
> My understanding is that P. lateripes does set seed. At least I got a
> plant from Carol Roller "Roller's Sigma" that is a cross of P.
> lateripes and another species - I'll have to check which one. By the
> way, I find it an excellent plant, very tough, rarely out of flower,
> more bushy and less sprawling than at least one of its parents. Do you
> know it?

No, but I agree - I prefer P. lateripes about many of the cultivars
since I often feel that they are lacking qualities like compactness,
flowering etc that lateripes has quite by nature. Carol mus be wise to
use lateripes for primary hybrids again!
Also you'd see my hanging basket filled with the real P. peltatum (f.
zonatum) - people visiting here now wonder why using hybrids at all - a
cascade of leaves hanging down and then those spectacular rosy-lila
flowers with long petals and markings - the bakset next to it filled
with a cv is far less beautiful. And also I found out that the flowers
of the "original" one keep much better in rain!

> Your serre sounds quite exotic with all those plants and amorous
> felines. And the Daturas (or Brugmasnsias these days) contain lots of
> potent alkaloids.
Will tell my male to take a lick then when he visits again (assuming
this potency drug is not poisonous to cats) - he is one of those VERY
placid easy going guys who simply tells a girl after having "done it" a
couple of times "that he is tired and wants to sleep now or just cuddle
up nicely and romantically" <VBG> - actually, since you are from the USA
you'd like to know he was bred in your country (in Minnesota to be
Mimy Sluiter

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