Re: [IGS] Cuttings taken in 98

At 00:49 29-9-1998 EDT, you wrote:
>With the cuttings I took from zonals & a few ivies earlier this fall, I lost
>about 20-25%.  The cuttings I took from the angels about three weeks ago
>haven't rooted yet, but I would estimate that already about 25% have withered
>away.  We're having a cooler, cloudy spell in CA, which I am attributing the
>loss to.
>What sort of angels do you have, and what ones are available to you?

Hi Cindi,

I am afraid I don't have any angels any more, especially because I find them
difficult to propagate. I do like the flowers though! I have a lot of
coloured leaved zonals, uniques and a few 'oddballs', i.e. zonals with odd
flowers ('Milden' & 'Mr Wren'). So, as far as your question is concerned, I
can't help you!


Jip Bieräugel,
Alkmaar, Holland

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