[SANS] The Sansevieria Journal

Hello to all ex-subscribers,

Quite some time ago I decided to terminate the publishing of the journal.

This was based primarily on the severe problem I have with my eyes. Moving
from California to Naples, Fla. into a house where nothing was working, and
having been burglarized in Los Angeles just before leaving (they stole even
my bed-sheets, bath-brush and towels!) did not help either.

More than two years ago I gave a woman in Hawaii, who in her employment
does tissue culture, two plants: One Sansevieria eilensis, complete healthy
juvenile plant with two leaves and rhizome and one S. sp. 'Blue Bat'
She was going to charge for each plant delivered. The object was sell this
plant to pay for color pictures for the journal.
More than a score of ex-plants could have been taken form these plants.
She said she lost both plants.

I then sent her another S. eilensis, similar as the one above.
This time she propagated it.
More than one year ago she brought at the Cactus and Succulent Convention
in Tucson a few plants right of the bottle. Only two of them survive now
and they are have leaves not more than one quarter inch each.

In terminating the journal I then decided that it would be a good idea to
wait until these plants were available and send a plant (for those who
wanted it) instead of a refund for half the subscription rate that I owe
to. each subscriber.
More than a month ago I got in touch with her and she said that she let the
cultures deteriorate. She mentioned that she had two surviving ones in a
pot, so I asked her to send me these two.

A month went by with no answer so I reminded her of my request. She then
said that she lost these two plants. No apologies of any kind were ever
As total result all I have now are two micro-plants.

I make no comments on her behavior just relate the facts.

I do apologize though, for my delay in returning the $ 6.25 to each
subscriber (half of the subscription rate) and am very saddened to half to
do it under this circumstances. You should get the refund not later than
two weeks from now.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you. I did not have s a single request for a
return of the missing half.

Thanks again,

B. Juan Chahinian.

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