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[iris] Re: REB: leaf blades per fan

After some checking  On-line check list, a few things.

No children registered for Rosalie Figge, and only one for Double shot.

I would suspect that how reliable a plant is for rebloom is a combination of vigour and the MLC. That is the more it grows, the more fans will reach the MLC for that cultivar. the lower the MLC the sooner the fans will reach MLC.

Summer rebloomers seem to all be Early (E) bloomers. Fall cyclic rebloomers are more likely to be M, or EM.

Violet Miracle seems to be one of the best producers of rebloom children. Can someone do a leaf count of this cultivar.

Chuck Chapman

Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 22:01:28 -0400
From: irischapman@aim.com
Subject: [iris] Re: REB: leaf blades per fan

The thing to check is  how many rebloom children they have .  The
reliabilty of Rosalie Figge here is quite good.  Double shot isn't
reliable. Only occasionally. Cantina is reliable whren it grows well,
but hasn't grown well here in past few years yet rebloomed earlier this

Renascent is in bloom  right now. Extremly tall, about  43" and with a
straight up showstalk.  10 mature leaves.  So it doesn't seem to be MLC
(mature leaf count) correlated with height.

When using something with a high mature leaf count,  then it would need
to be crossed with something with a low leaf  count. For number of
rebloom offspring it  would still be my guess that parents with lower
MLC would produce more rebloom children.  I'm going to checklist to
check some data.

Chuck Chapman

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