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[iris] REB: Early spring bloom (was REB: leaf blades per fan)

Chuck Chapman wrote:
Summer rebloomers seem to all be Early (E) bloomers. Fall cyclic rebloomers are more likely to be M, or EM.

I remember reading somewhere that Lloyd Zurbrigg had a theory that early spring bloom was indicative that the cultivar was a rebloom carrier.

While there are obviously many rebloomers which are not early spring bloomers, I do notice that most of those TBs which bloom earliest in spring in my garden are known rebloomers.

Has anyone else noticed an early spring bloom / rebloom carrier connection? It would be useful to know if the association is strong enough that it could be used as a reasonable indicator of which once-bloomers carry rebloom genes.

Ann Head in South Australia........where the irises are just beginning their spring bloom.

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