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[iris] Re: REB: observations & checklist <spring> bloom time

I havn't noted changes of any significance from  year to  year, but it
could be just from not looking at it.

I'd like to know when Immortality spring blooms for people.  Does
anyone get an M bloom  or is it an E or VE?

Chuck Chapman

Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 08:20:14 -0400
From: Linda Mann <lmann@lock-net.com>
Subject: [iris] REB: observations &  checklist <spring> bloom time

I've been racking my brain trying to remember which oncer cultivars I
noticed 15 years ago that seemed to be temperature regulated vs those
that were "fixed" by daylength.

Interestingly, the only one I can think of for sure that has bloom
timing independent of spring daylength (i.e., blooms earlier some years
than others) is VICTORIA FALLS, which never reblooms here but has some
offspring that rebloom here and reblooms reliably some places.  I think.

So now I'm wondering if cultivars with variable timing of spring bloom
that are <not> registered as rebloomers, or newer intros that haven't
been around long enough to have sporadic rebloom reported (or to be in
the ideal climate conditions for that particular cultivar to rebloom)
might be a place to look to add diversity to eastern rebloom mixes.

Now to see if I can find out if some GBK newer bestest intros have that
kind of variable bloom timing....other than Chuck's recent comments
about IMMORTALITY's registered bloom timing,  any of you been struck by
how different the spring bloom timing of any cultivars has been year to
year or at odds with registered timing of bloom?  I.e,. registered as E
but blooms M or even L? or vice versa?

- --
Linda Mann east Tennessee USA zone 7/8

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