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Re: [iris] Cult: Seed Planting Question

They would most likely be Iris setosa var alaska. The most notherly iiris species known.

There are two forms, called interior and exterior, depending on where collected. Some height variation and colour variations, but usually in violets. blues and touch of white. Some rare white forms in nature.. About 12" tall. Germination procedures are the same for both forms. They grow in moist, but not wet conditions. Usually near edge of bogs.

Seeds are on small size, dark brown and usually fairly smooth. About 3-4 times a long as wide.

Seeds germinate easily but need stratification. that is three months of cold treatment while moist. That is, in damp peat moss or planted in flats.

The catch is that they are shallow rooted plants that don't tolerate dry conditions or heat very well. It will be a real challenge to get them to survive in Arizona. I would expect that they need cold long winters in order to bloom properly. My winters are always that way, they do well here. Happy to receive some of these seeds if there are any to spare. I do some hybridizing with setosas and they love my garden.

Chuck Chapman

Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 19:37:27 -0500
From: Laurie Frazer <lauriefr@localnet.com>
Subject: Re: [iris] Cult: Seed Planting Question

On Oct 15, 2008, at 8:49 AM, Linda Smith wrote:

I have a lady here in my VAIS group in AZ that has received seeds from
someone in Alaska,
She wants to know how to plant them.

If she received seeds from Alaska, my guess is that they're beardless
irises rather than bearded.  If so, she'll probably have a much easier
time germinating them.  Do you know what type of seeds she received?


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