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Re: [iris] HYB: CULT: Garden labels

If anybody is interested I found some on ebay.  They are large and cheap.  Here's the link to the item.  They have other sizes as well.


Paul Archer
Indidnapolis, Zone 5

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>Subject: [iris] HYB: CULT: Garden labels
>Hey gang.
>I've been looking for something new to try, and more economical,
>for garden labels.  
>So far I've tried:
>- self adhesive vinyl floor tiles-
>they work well as dividers except that they become brittle.  They are too low
>in the ground to be visible after the seedlings grow up.
>- plastic spoons-
>became brittle very quickly but I really liked the surface area of the bowl
>for writing on.
>- popsicle sticks- became brittle and too low, hard to find
>in growth.  They worked well in germination pots and to mark where seedlings
>had been lined out.
>Lately a new close-out type store opened in my area. 
>Inside I spotted many boxes of PVC mini-blinds... many of which were clearly
>not functional as blinds.  I haven't gone to ask about buying them in bulk
>because gas prices are causing me to re-consider buying plastic products.
>the school where I work there are several repositories of paint stirring
>sticks.  Some of them are from painting projects, but most I think are there
>for some other as yet undiscovered reason.  One such deposit is in the library
>where they are sometimes used to mark the place of a book that has been taken
>off the shelf.  
>As it happens the librarian is interested in breeding roses
>so she and I chat about gardening on occasion.  Yesterday, we were sitting
>near the pail of paint stirring sticks and I said... "I think I might try
>those."  She said she already had and they worked well except they soak up
>water and might mold.
>I also heard recently that Copper Sulfate will keep
>seeds from molding.  Source on that one is suspect.
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